Tomáš Tóth


Tomáš Tóth was born in Bratislava in 1982, where he still lives and works. He studied the goldsmith- jeweller’s craft, which served as a stepping-stone on his way to the artistic creation which he proudly presents today. He specializes in the creation of pure silver objects, in particular, the processing of this material into stunning statuettes and objects. Some of them look so brittle that you’re afraid that they’ll disappear before your very eyes. A special almost physical force seems hidden within some of them. This
type of artwork is unprecedented among the creations of young Slovak artists.
Tomáš's work is extensive not only in terms of the number of works he has created, but also in terms of their diversity. From the first abstract miniatures with very fine lines, and as a dual "personality", he gradually moves to larger, solitary objects, constantly with an abstract character but more distinctive physical lines.

From the solitary, he proceeded to group statuettes with a clear mission and character. He avoids characters in their physical execution; nevertheless we can trace them in their indications. He pays attention to geometric objects which, like his other work, assumes an important role in connecting the artist’s own perception of the world with the objects of his creation.
The reflections and experiences of the artist are projected over the individual objects and characters, some of which act as if they are truly alive. When I look at them closely, I’m almost afraid that I can be touched by them. Not only physically but internally. And this is where their beauty, strength and greatness lie in miniature!

His first statuette was created in 2005. It is a miniature dream sculpture - a figure with wings, rising and leaning as if towards the heavens along with a statuette resembling Venus. A creature that is half man and half materialized energy from other worlds, it resembles an angel for many. But, according to Tomáš, it is not an angel.

It is the "only" creature to whom we can give every name it may have.

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