Art is Passion – Art is Obsession – Art is Love

Viktoria’s gallery was born from the passion of two art lovers – a painter and an art adviser.

Their life journey started in Switzerland, where the couple met each other for the first time. Forced by life circumstances, they decided to relocate closer to their family. Ultimately, they chose a city were part of their family is based. Bratislava is also a very strategic location, close to Budapest, Vienna and Prague. It is a city where much progress has been made in recent years, and where art is experiencing its re-born phase. 

 In our gallery, we aim to change the display often. Therefore, at least every two months there is a new exhibition ready for you. Our collectors are constantly approached with new ideas. Here, the artistic journey is intuitive, exciting and never repetitive. We are very happy to welcome all of you at the gallery and get you started on your art journey. We are at your disposal to provide any art information you may require.

Emilien BW.jpg

Emilien Grivel

Founder & Director

Victoria BW .jpg

Viktoria Skityba


Alicka BW.jpg

Alica Mozolíková

Junior Gallery Manager

Laura BW.jpg

Laura lagová

Gallery assistant