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Coming from the world of Street art, Lis Sam is a self-taught artist. Born in Tunisia in 1989, he arrived in France at the age of 11, where he entered the world of craftsmanship, developing a keen appreciation for aesthetic forms. As is often the case for many artists, his newfound passion was sparked by a chance encounter with a piece of art during a trip.

Working on various projects over several years, it was a second encounter that became a clear calling when he visited a butterfly conservatory in the south of France. That's when the "blossoming girls" were born.

 The "Blossoming Girls" project has its origins in a visit to a butterfly conservatory in the south of France. The multitude of colorful butterflies gracefully fluttering around me occasionally creates abstract silhouettes, much like a child watching clouds, where imaginary faces appear.
Captivated by the beauty of the spectacle before me, this suspended moment is a moment of grace. The exuberant flora of the conservatory forms a backdrop where the colors of the butterflies resonate
with those of the flowers.
An impression of intense life emanates from this spectacle and pushes me to capture it.

Artworks available 

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