Born in 1946 in Paris, Jean-Claude Fitoussi aka Zafi is a painter who lives and works in Cognac.

Coming from a family of 11 children, he spent part of his youth in recovery center in Bel-Ile-en-Mer. It was during this period that he found for the first time this desire to paint. probably a deep desire to express, to externalize. Only, it will be oriented towards a whole way, that of the building.

Only later, when he worked in the Parisian newspaper france soir, his artist side resurfaced. Jean-Claude Fitoussi then immerses himself in photography, he walks Paris with his camera on a Cartier-Bresson Robert or Doisneau style. It was his first artistic activity, but the photo tired him quickly. It is from 1968 that Jean-Claude Fitoussi begins to frequent in the Parisian museums, he will go even to go to Auvers-sur-Oise on the tomb of Vincent Van Gogh, as well as the room where the

painter lived.

Self-taught, Jean-Claude Fitoussi is like a sponge impregnated by the great masters, he needs to visualize in him what they did before revisiting, creating and transmitting his own universe. It will be many years later, for the sleeping artist to resurface.

It was not until the dawn of the 2000s that he took his first brush to make his first shots. His signature "Zafi", are the initials and a tribute to his parents. Zafi now learns to use the brush, to master the colors, the forms, and it is only a few years later that his painting acquires a maturity, a readable composition that will continue to evolve.

Cubism will ultimately be for Zafi the universe in which he finds a great pleasure, a real satisfaction.

In default of having followed the least course of painter in his life, his training will be done in a natural way, he will spend an infinite time discovering this universe through books and reports, more than a discovery he will study deeply the cubism to the point to feel great adoration for this artistic movement, and the most famous Cubist painters.

A nice destiny for the painter Zafi, when one knows that Fernande Olivier, first wife of Pablo Picasso rests in Cognac. It must be said that the palette of Zafi is wide and sometimes likes to have fun painting other

universe, but he will come back more and more often to Cubism.

Cubism is for Zafi an endless creation, he says: "There is no limit of creation in cubism".

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Artworks available 

Dos au mur
Dos au mur

Acrylic on canvas 150 x 150 cm 2018

Les tricheurs
Les tricheurs

Acrylic on canvas 140 x 140 cm 2017