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Viktoria SG



Why did you pick the capital letters SG?

Simply because of the double family name I carry:

Viktoria Skityba – Grivel.


I am Russian in my origins, but I have lived in Switzerland, France, Cyprus, Slovakia and a few other countries as a result of my diverse education and self-development path I have chosen. This is also the reason why there are so many different expressions contained in my character - an artist, hospitality industry insider, magazine developer and a loving wife.


In other words, art came to my life in the form of love at the first sight. The contagious passion of my husband who is a passionate art collector and art advisor has been passed on onto me. He shares his knowledge and cultural education with me.


Consequently, this love for art made my wings grow. This desire was declared official in 2014. However, very quickly afterwards I was diagnosed with the illness ‘Multiple Sclerosis’. From one point of view, this diagnosis has been a blessing to me as it opened a completely different vision of life ti me. Thanks God, I am ‘stabilised now’ and I am able to fully devote myself to drawing and oil painting. I enjoy producing series of works on well-defined themes.


My artistic vision could be summarised like this:

Under tunes of lightness and sweetness,

my works speak about refinement and love,

They cheer for humanity and highlight the mélancolisme which we keep searching for in others.

In my works I am looking for emotions. I want to offer my a perception of joy and tenderness for those, who want to contemplate.

Artworks available 

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