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Stephane Soum



Young professional golfer, Stéphane Soum quickly goes to the obvious ... The Green will not be enough to channel his geometrical thought. And although he finds at the end of the club this need to master the space, the limits of the course do not fill his imagination. He needs concrete, tactile ...
Perhaps like Evariste Welsh, who was nicknamed the Rimbaud of mathematics, Stéphane sees figures. A whirlwind of calculations, sensory algorithms that patiently cogitate in the hope of being materialized ...
In an aesthetic as precise as the sport he practices, he decides to embark on a digital artistic work that will make visible the equations of his unconscious.

Between graphics and mental photography, Stéphane traces labyrinths, yes, it's the key to his work.
In which one gets lost, in which one falls as one falls into sleep.
Paths perfectly mastered in which one enters, easily, but in which one seeks, until exhaustion.
Perhaps just because there is nothing to find ... Nothing but the comfort of an image, beautiful and harmonious, which cradles our thought and starts to turn.
A kaleidoscope, a window on the manic thought that locks us up, traps us until we regain a sense of freedom. That of thinking through oneself, in a dimension that is no longer struck by reality. In a shipwreck of the mood.

From his Cartesian imaginary, a perfectly tormented world is born. French-style gardens emerge, whose cubic beauty should not be affected by temperature, slope, or wind. The precision, the structure, take over the creative madness that lets itself be tamed.

Artworks available 

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