Štefan Polák



Štefan Polak was born in 1952 (SK). In 1971 - 1977 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, where he later worked at the Department of Painting and Drawing (1979 - 1986). In 1982 he received a scholarship from the French government to study at E.N.S.A.D in Paris, where he studied under prof. Zao Wou-ki, one of Picasso's last fellow travelers. After Slovakia, France became Polak's second home, where he also lives, creates and exhibits.


Štefan Polak, one of the most outstanding personalities of his generation, is an essential painter who feels, thinks and expresses himself in paintings and colors. In their infinite and radiant satiety, or in austere monochrome, in their harsh structures or in delicate glazes, it penetrates the speech barrier between art and life. His work pulsates between imaginative and real, but also between abstract and concrete. It is the inner world of a person who has seen and lived but also meditated and dreamed.


The author also deals with the third dimension. He was particularly enchanted by the bronze - a material in which he had unsuspected possibilities. He stepped out of the world of lyrical abstraction and meditative hints to more realistic shapes and themes. However, the spiritual dimension of his work remained unchanged. His bronze artifacts have become, in their timeless sharing, an equal parallel to his paintings.


The author has made more than 50 individual exhibitions and dozens of monumental works in architecture. His works are represented in the gallery and private collections of many countries in Europe, America and Asia.


The work of Štefan Polák, like him, gives us space for meditation, exploring our own feelings, getting to know ourselves. This power and effect can also have real art. Just open it to him.

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