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Sanuj Birla


Sanuj Birla is a self taught Pop-Art artist straight from the heart of New Delhi, India. Painting from his childhood a brush in Sanuj's hand felt completely natural so it was no surprise that he Excelled in art and design at school and turned his childhood passion into his profession. Born in the eighties Sanuj has dedicated his collection of Art work to the cartoon characters, superheroes & Famous movie characters he saw while growing up. He creates large figurative paintings that are a collage of pop art, realism and surrealism. He creates compositions of his works on shape of dreamy visions. Individual fragments of this world are taken from the movie, comic book, famous paintings of great painters and reality. Landscapes. 



He has created over 250 artworks in the past 9 years of his professional art carrier and has done a whole body of work including canvas oil painting, mixed media art, acrylic paint artworks & sculptures. His artworks are with private collectors in India, London, Singapore, Hongkong, Dubai, San Francisco & Kuwait just to name a few and also in prime night life spots in Delhi. 

Artworks available 

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