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Exhibition from May 24 to July 27

They say that childhood is the most beautiful part of life. And its magic often lives on in work of those artists who retain the spirit of an eternal child.

And if this gallery space reminds you of a child`s room, it is by no accident.

An art collection can start at any age. Ideally, quality works of art should accompany us throughout our life and be passed on from generation to generation.

It is well known, that even a very young child observes everything and remembers details from his or her room for the rest of their lives. Why then not place quality artwork in a child`s room to engage their imagination and creativity while its value grows?

The Exhibition `Childhood memories` is an international group show. It presents contemporary artists from Spain, The USA, Italy, Belgium, Russia, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The exhibition will take place from May 24 to July 27 at Viktoria's Gallery in Bratislava.

Dominique Houard "Hippies time" Oil on canvas 41 x 33 cm 2019


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