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Paco Di Angelo has been passionate about the Spartan historical period since his childhood.

Immersed in the world of combatants during this Spartan war, Paco immerses himself in the lives of these warriors to feel their strength and their duty.

The helmet so symbolic of this period gives him a feeling of power, a simple touch or wearing it as a duty of a fighter ready to go to the front gives everyone an awakening of oneself and comfort in our current life.

Paco diversified his collection by making the helmet in various materials such as brass, resin and gold leaf or bronze, but he also created the famous Spartan sword and a giant sculpture of a warrior ready for battle, a monumental work.


Also, Paco draws a lot of inspiration from the Pop art world and creates varied, transformed and much appreciated subjects such as the animal world, cartoon characters and video games.

A more fanciful universe and more in the era of time.

Very appreciated by its customers, it is in great demand at exhibitions around the world, of which it is already represented in France, Belgium, Austria, Dubai, Slovakia and the USA.

A reputation impresses for this prodigious artist who knew how to create his place in this artistic world.

Artworks available 

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