Dominique Houard


Dominique HOUARD was born October 1968.

As she choose to settle in a small village of center France, a few steps away from the marvellous painter Albert DRACHKOVITCH, she preferred to the fragrances of Pouilly fume, the emanations of linseed oil and turpentime coming down to her. That is how she undertook artistic studies and researches, soon supported also by Jacques POIRIER, the master of "Trompe-l'oeil", who took a liking to her and accompanied her with his advices until he died.

Dominique HOUARD exhibited her work frequently, as well at the Taylor Foundation as at important Art-Fairs, like "Salon d'Hiver" and "Salon d'Automne", and amongst a group of "Reality-painters", directed by Henri CADIOU, but always keeping to her personal style, made of passion for details, tricks and mystery. She gathers improbable things, as well of all-day life as loomed up from the past and arranges them around a riddle, of which the solution can only be found in playing the game, being guided in a initiatory research through a universe at the same time familiar, strange and disturbing.

Astonishingly precise, even with her first passion: pastel, that she still likes to use, she creates a strange atmosphere without seeming to have touched anything. Even her signature is discovered in an unexpected way, through a disconcerting itinerary.


Paul BERNARD (Writter)

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