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The art market is now a significant part of the investment requested by the elite.

Today, there is a very strong passion for art and never exhibits and museums had attracted that many visitors. The current crisis suggests that art is opposed to the sluggish market and is positioned among the most coveted investment.

Faced with extreme market volatility, tangible assets such as precious stones, raw materials or artworks are the favorites among investors.


Therefore today, highly recommended to have at least 5% to 10% of its assets in artworks.


However, the investment in art seems elitist and complicated; the world of art is a closed environment and just few of us push the doors of a support to be advised at best.


In addition, and just like any investment (Real estate, stock market and etc.), investment in art is no exception to the rule and has its part of risk.

But it is clear, that the art market for ten years producing high growth results and became the first high-current fortunes investment position.

Even if it is impossible to guarantee the value of the artwork: medium or long term, there are some fundamental rules to secure the best investment.


Free of any commitment or constraint, we are able to select the artworks with high potential for asset valuation to assist you in the constitution of your own collection

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