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Invite contemporary/modern art in your professional spaces or private residence from 10 euros per month!

Viktoria's Gallery offers you a collection of more than 500 works of art.

Introducing art in the company, going to meet a wide audience, even uninitiated, to discover new artists, are the goals of Viktoria's Gallery.

All this contributes to a wider mission: that art is for the image vector company, but also a source of communication and reflection between people, and well-being within society.

The renting of works of art is a system particularly adapted to the companies. The works are sought according to the image of the company, the configuration of its premises, the staff who works there and, of course, the customers who visit it. Our proposals are always very personalized.

The catalog is diverse and includes paintings, sculptures, photographs and lithographs. We can offer a single sculpture for a hall or executive office, until we organize thematic exhibitions with several artists, with the help of an art critic, for example.


- Professional advice for the decoration and selection of works of art,
- Transportation to Bratislava and the Region up to 20km,
- The framing of works of art (prints and photographs),
- The installation by traditional system in the respect of your environment (hooks "x" or concrete, piton),
- All preventive and curative maintenance operations according to the rules and practices of the profession, the supply of     a base, if any, for any rented sculpture the renewal of works of art,
- Insurance included.

Our catalog will be soon online, as well as our terms and conditions

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