Viktoria's Galery Art Club

Join an exclusive club of art collectors

Art Conciergerie
Viktoria's Gallery Art Conciererie

By subscribing to Viktoria's Club, we offer you our concierge service for your art collection. Need to fix a work of art to the wall? to transport a piece of art around Bratislava? Our team is here for you

Art Storage
Vikoria's Gallery Art Storage

Are you leaving on vacation or moving, and want to store your artworks safely?

We offer you the possibility of storing your artworks in our secure storage for a period of two months free of charge.

Art Rental
Viktoria'sGallery Art Rental

An event organized and you need to decorate your living room?
We offer you 250 € rental of artworks available in our catalog

Event VIP
Viktoria's Gallery Art Event Bratislava

Join us for 2 annual private parties in Bratislava, in exceptional locations.

More information directly to Viktoria's Gallery or by email: