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An art advisor gives to enthusiasts and art collectors his experienced professional services, which include research and analysis, purchase and collection management.


Working with a professional advisor provides many benefits and helps to avoid expensive mistakes on the acquisition and art works selling.

An advisor provides a solid art knowledge and art history, and depth of knowledge of the international art market.


It simplifies the steps doing specific searches for you in order to present you only the highest quality artworks that suit your tastes and budget.

An advisor can guide you in carrying out acquisitions, and can get the best possible price.


Must not be ignored the fact, that the artwork acquisition with an advisor must be as normal prices brokerage, less excessive than market value or selling at the auctions.

He also offers objective advices, educates you about current trends in the world of art and guides you to art works that gain and keep the long-term value.


An advisor can introduce you new institutions and artists that you might never discover without him.

What is more, that he also guides you on the choice to present your artwork in an institution or on the choice of a future edition.


In conclusion, an art advisor is your shadow and your subconscious, he will always lead you to your goals by giving you easy access and steps to let you enjoy the present moment.

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